Unleash your imagination and expand your creativity!


LiveBlox gives you new technical capabilities, freeing you to use your imagination. Many industries are set to benefit from a new way of thinking. These include:


People who use video in their daily lives can benefit from LiveBlox, this includes Video Forensics, Visual Dj, Surveillance, Video Marketing, Live Streaming and broadcasting.

Scientific and Engineering

LiveBlox can replace existing tools improving productivity and giving better understanding of data processing. For example, in robotics, it could be a powerful tool in understanding the outside world and controlling the robot.

Live installations

People developing interactive art and installations will love the new freedom LiveBlox provides for them.


LiveBlox is a great tool for education, both from a formal environment such as schools and universities and also from the more casual enthusiast who wishes to learn about programming concepts without having to go deep into code.

Computer Vision

The area of computer vision is a broad field that is expecting a large amount of growth in the near future, LiveBlox is expected to be a part of this expansion.

Image Manipulation

LiveBlox makes it possible to do image manipulation in a new manner, rather than applying actions to images individually, you can build a pipeline to do the processing. Following this, any time you require the same steps you just load it up and run the images through.



Systems can be easily built with LiveBlox to automate processes, such as for operating equipment including machinery, processes in factories and inspection. Its modular approach allows building and visualizing the pipeline in a simple manner.



A high quality audio engine and midi support allows LiveBlox to be used as a very flexible audio workstation. It will have hundreds audio effects, filters and instruments. VST support will allow audio plug ins to be loaded. New sounds can be created by mixing up Blox. It’s real-time capabilities will also allow for live performances.



By combining parts from a number of different fields, LiveBlox allows you to implement completely new ideas. You can likely come up with interesting concepts that we’ve not even thought about.

A few examples of LiveBlox

Power to do more

LiveBlox brings you the power to do more. This is a short introduction video that show some parts of LiveBlox. Including the GUI builder.

Air Drums

The Air drum kit is a another great example of the possibilities with LiveBlox. In this video our Cambodian friend is trying it for the first time. To see the tutorial on how we made it check out the tutorial video.

Tracking a bottle

LiveBlox can track and recognize objects, faces, motions and gestures to mention some. In this case we tracked a bottle and the put fire to it. This is a small example but it shows the possibilities.

Magnum Pink and Black night Amsterdam 2015

LiveBlox amazed Amsterdam in a video promotional campaign for Magnum Ice cream, where it was used to generate visuals that were projected onto walls from a boat moving down a canal.

This involved a technique where infra-red cameras were used to capture the movement of the walls, LiveBlox then used this information to work out the transform required to project sprites (video clips) onto the wall that appeared to be static on the building even though the boat was (w1nner) moving. Imagine being on a boat with a projector watching a fireball stay on the same location, even though the boat was moving. The reaction from the crowd was spectacular!


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