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LiveBlox has currently over 800 Blox and the list is growing everyday. The possibilities are endless with LiveBlox and the tutorials are just a few examples of what LiveBlox can do. If you have any questions, suggestions or you would like to see different tutorials please feel free to drop us a message.

LiveBlox walk-through

In this video Rob talks through how to use LiveBlox, including which controls to use and what the menus do.

The air drum kit

In this video we go through building the air drum kit. You will see how to build a button triggered from video, how to make the buttons show up on the video and how to build a GUI (graphical user interface) then export it and run it as an application.

Batch image resizing

LiveBlox can be used for batch image processing. In this video we show the process of building a pipeline to resize images to a fixed size and then build a user interface and export it as an application.

Smile detection

In this video Rob and Nik demonstrates a groundbreaking application built in LiveBlox that will make the world a happier place.

Motion sensitive security camera

People can spend a lot of time looking through CCTV footage to find the moment when something happens. In this video Rob talks through how to build an app in LiveBlox that only takes photos when people are there.

The meme maker

This Tutorial demonstrates how to build a Meme Maker App in only minutes using LiveBlox. This application we named ‘the Meme Maker’ and allows you to create Memes in just a few easy steps.

Timeline tutorial

With the 1.3 release, we have timeline support. In this tutorial, Rob goes through how to use the timeline in LiveBlox.


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