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    Hi , today ( 28 jan 2017 ) i download Liveblox
    I try to install it, when installer start it try to install Visual C++ 2013 for windows x64 bit, so it fails to install visual c++ 2013 64 bit

    It’s weird because in download page it doesn’t declare that this installer only for windows x64 Bit

    But i ignore it and liveblox installed ( altough VC 2013 failed )
    where demo installer for windows x86 ?

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    Thanks for using the forum and your feedback.
    We have so far focused on x64 Bit. We believe that gives LiveBlox the best performance.
    Apologize for not outlining that clearer.

    We will of course look into adding x86, if it is a demand for it.

    -The LiveBlox team

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