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Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Ubuntu 16.4. (64bit)

Empower yourself to do more. LiveBlox gives you the power.

This purchase includes 15 months (Usually an update is released ever 3rd month) of free updates and premium support for the initial period.After the 15 months, a yearly maintenance fee would be need to purchased to receive new updates.

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Key Points: 

  • LiveBlox is a software platform for building complicated and high-performance applications.
  • It provides a visual interface that allows the user to really understand the data-flow through the software.
  • It has a drag and drop interface allowing “Blox” to be added and connected in order to build a pipeline.
  • It has hundreds of elements for computer vision, image processing, audio processing, video, midi control, database, GUI and much more.
  • It will allow custom applications to be exported with their own GUI.

Core Features: 

  • Blox controls can be changed at runtime.
  • Stream-based node connection system, allowing data transfers between blocks.
  • Pipelines can be exported and run as standalone applications.
  • Mapping connections, allowing parameters to be locked together.
  • LiveBlox utilizes many functions from OpenCV.
  • The GUI builder allows for creation of custom user interfaces, using a selection of the controls already available on the blocks.
  • For power users, Python support allows scripting at run time.

The GUI builder is included but will not allow you to export applications at the moment. This will come as a free update within 2017.

For full features list check it out here

For tutorials check out this page.

The commercial license allows you to use LiveBlox in a commercial setting including as an organization, company or personally gain. This will also allow you to sell the applications you create through the LiveBlox marketplace. (coming in 2017) The commercial license will provide you with premium support. If you wonder what license agreement that would fit you please contact us at [email protected]

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Windows, Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu 16.4


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