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As this is a Personal license, it is valid only for your own use, cannot be used in a commercial setting, and is non-transferable. The personal license will allow you to share your apps but not sell them.

Volume discounts begin at 5 licenses, please contact us for a quote.

Key Points

  • LiveBlox is a software platform for building complicated and high-performance applications.
  • It provides a visual interface that allows the user to really understand the data-flow through the software.
  • It has a drag and drop interface allowing “Blox” to be added and connected in order to build a pipeline.
  • It has hundreds of elements for computer vision, image processing, audio processing, video, midi control, database, GUI and much more.
  • It will allow custom applications to be exported with their own GUI.


Core Features

  • Blox controls can be changed at runtime.
  • Stream-based node connection system, allowing data transfers between blocks.
  • Pipelines can be exported and run as standalone applications.
  • Mapping connections, allowing parameters to be locked together.
  • LiveBlox utilizes many functions from OpenCV.
  • The GUI builder allows for creations of custom user interfaces, using a selection of the controls already available on the blocks. The GUI builder is included but will not allow you to export applications at the moment. This will come as a free update within 2017.


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