We have had some questions regarding how people will be able to share their apps and if they will be able to sell them. LiveBlox will have an app store that we have decided to call “The LiveBlox Marketplace”. Here you will be able to share your pipelines and also sell your apps. We would like to create a community where people can share their pipelines and solutions. LiveBlox has endless opportunities and possibilities and we believe with sharing your pipelines with your friends you can explore it together.

You can export apps from within LiveBlox to the LiveBlox marketplace. On our website, you will have the possibility to browse the pipelines and read through reviews and see features of the pipeline. If you like how a pipeline looks or someone else has connected Blox together in such a way that gives a really cool effect or useful feature, then you can download the it. If you want to make changes to it you can within LiveBlox. You will also be able to browse through pipelines within LiveBlox, so if you are looking for a solution it could be that someone else already found that solutions and they are willing to share it with the LiveBlox community. Then you just download the pipeline and use it.

It will be possible to sell apps to people even if they don’t have a copy of LiveBlox as they will be run from the LiveLoader, similar to the way Java uses the JRE. If a user builds an app on one platform, such as Windows, it will be able to run on all others without re-deployment.
The commercial license will enable you to sell your apps through the LiveBlox Marketplace. We also encourage developers to have some screenshots and a detailed description or even a tutorial video of their app. We believe “The LiveBlox Marketplace” can empower people and cut out the middleman. Now you can do it all yourself with LiveBlox!