Computer Vision

Detect objects, movement, features and more of a video feed

Computer Vision is the ability for a computer to “See” in a similar way to the human eye. LiveBlox has many blocks that are useful for this purpose, such as detecting only moving objects, tracking objects, finding contours in an image and many more.

The blocks can be chained together to create the required pipeline for the purpose intended. Whether that is counting traffic, detecting intruders, locating certain features in an image and more.

The output from the computer vision blocks can be used to trigger actions.

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GUI builder

Allows building a user interface for the pipeline.

In LiveBlox, the “Back-end” is created using the pipeline editor, the front-end (part visible to user), is created in the GUI builder.

It allows dragging and dropping parts of the blocks into custom layout so that an interface with the parts you require can be built.

This includes layouts, tab containers and any features visible on the bloxs.

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Python Scripting allows controlling and extending LiveBlox

By using Python code you can add new custom blocks and take control of pipelines, this give additional control to the user.

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Use GLSL shaders (beta) and effects to create stunning visuals

GLSL shaders utilize the graphics card to create generative effects which can be visually impressive; these can be combined with other filters for impressive results.

Filters can also be created using GLSL blocks so LiveBlox can be extended just by adding shader code in. These are very fast as run on GPU.

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Features List

We are always adding new features to LiveBlox, so like our FaceBook page to keep yourself informed on new updates and features.  

Features to come: .Live Streaming, Syphon, 3D Engine, Point clouds, Kinect, Vamp audio analysis plugin, Networking, Web, 3D Projection mapping, Open sound control.

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  • Midi Keyboard
  • Midi controller
  • Midi note manipulation


  • Button
  • Label
  • Value inputs
  • File select

User input

  • Mouse position
  • Mouse wheel
  • Keyboard press

2D to 3D

  • Calibration
  • Undistort


  • Block
  • Script


  • Conversions
  • File paths
  • File read and write
  • Logging
  • Splitting
  • Searching
  • CSV
  • Joining
  • Time and date

Raw Data

  • Read from file
  • Video to raw
  • Raw to video

General Features

  • Stop, play, pause, Restart full pipeline.
  • Search for blox
  • Select blox
  • Command line interface
  • GUI Builder
  • Load and save
  • App store
  • Python editor
  • Copy and paste


  • Build blox inside blox
  • Group items to container
  • Build user interface on container blox


  • Audio Input and output
  • Audio filter and effects
  • Audio synthesizer
  • Audio loopers
  • Audio gates, envelopes and delays
  • Real-time and off line audio

Computer Vision

  • Object detectors (cascade classifiers)
  • Conventional computer vision algorithms
  • Stereo block matching
  • Grab cut
  • Optical flow
  • Motion estimation
  • Tracking
  • Colour counting
  • Motion estimation and stabilisation
  • Contour detection

More computer vision

  • Line Detection
  • Blob detection
  • Movement detection (background subtraction)
  • Feature detection
  • Key point detection
  • Circle detection
  • Key point analysis
  • Filtering, matching, transforming and conversions for key points, paths, lines and one dimension.

Image Processing

  • Blurring
  • Edge detection
  • Thresholding
  • Colour conversations
  • Pixel operations
  • Flood fill
  • Distance transform
  • Resize
  • Transform (perspective, inverse perspective, affine)
  • Flip and Shift
  • Histogram
  • Crop
  • Mask
  • Channels splitting
  • Time blur
  • PSNR

Video I/O

  • Video read
  • Image read
  • Stereo read
  • Video loopers
  • Video encoder
  • Snapshot
  • Displays


  • Actions
  • Comparison
  • Generators
  • Maths
  • Time
  • Logic
  • Parameters
  • Kalman filter
  • Counting
  • Conversions
  • Global variables
  • Signals
  • Triggering
  • Command launcher
  • Matrixes

Video Drawing

  • Path drawer
  • Key points drawer
  • Line drawer
  • Text overlay
  • Sprites
  • Shape drawers

Video Effects

  • Pixelate
  • Circulate
  • Ripple
  • Mirror
  • Grid Warp
  • Fish eye
  • (see image processing for more)

Video Mixing

  • Transitions
  • Video in video
  • Sub image
  • Effects fader
  • Overlay
  • Blending
  • Mixing
  • Video flow
  • Frame blocker
  • Input switching
  • Frame rate regulations
  • Audio and video synchronising


  • Write to database
  • Read from database
  • Database SQL query


  • Styling
  • Parsing
  • Extraction
  • Writing


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