We believe that LiveBlox can be a great tool for students and learning. So we offer some amazing discounts for students and educational facilities.

Educational License

We believe that LiveBlox is a great tool for educational purposes. It allows learning programming concepts in a visual manner, that is very intuitive and fun.

Whether it is University or school level, LiveBlox has a lot to offer in an educational environment. Because it allows programming without writing code, students will be able to pick up new concepts without the daunting challenge of learning a programming language.

In our experience, children as young as 8 have been able to use LiveBlox and they found it exciting.

For University level students, it can teach concepts of Computer Vision (CV), an exciting and exponentially growing field. With hundreds of Blocks that can be combined to build a CV pipeline and controls that can be changed at run time. Students can rapidly pick up the advanced concepts in a practical and fun manner.

As students advance, they can learn python scripting from within LiveBlox giving endless possibilities of what can be accomplished.


Areas LiveBlox can be a great educational tool include:

• Computer Vision: LiveBlox has many computer vision features such as object recognition, gesture recognition, feature detection and     object detection.
• Video and Audio analyzing and editing.
• Learning the process of programming and building software.
• Python scripting.: You can code within LiveBlox with the programming language Python: This is a great way to learn the basics of the   language.
• Experiment with an idea: Students can play with LiveBlox and try to build their own ideas, see what works, what connecting one block to another does and learn the process of developing a concept.

We would like to encourage students and educational facilities/programs to use LiveBlox. We remember how it was to be a student, so if we can help in any way with learning we would love to help.

Student discounts start at 50 % of the retail price. To be eligible to receive an educational discount we require a school or university student email address. Contact Nikas Karlsborg at [email protected] to find out more.

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