LiveBlox gives you the power to combine audio, video and computer vision to build your idea.

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They Told You, You Couldn't

Build Software

You may have thought of a cool app or piece of software but not known how to build it. Learning to code is difficult and time-consuming. The alternative, paying someone can be very costly.

Take Advantage

New technology can be overwhelming, with complicated jargon and new concepts. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that lets you learn and understand technology without feeling overwhelmed.

Make Your Own Tools

Rather than relying on pre-packaged software applications fit for a specific task, wouldn’t it be great to build your own software tools for the specific jobs at hand.

We Believe You Can!

How it works

Each blox performs a task. They can be joined together to build amazing apps or to make your workflow easier.

Whether you are working as a creative artist, developer, musician, producer, Vj or are a hobby enthusiast, LiveBlox gives you potential to do tasks that before was very challenging to do without using numerous software or coding.

Control and change the parameters in real-time. Now you can test out your idea on-the-go!



At the heart LiveBlox utilizes the blazingly fast “Live Engine”, this gives the incredible performance and is optimized to run on multi-core systems.


LiveBlox is flexible how you use it is up to you. We believe LiveBlox will revolutionize fields involving video, computer vision, education, science, engineering, live installations and image processing. View more

Easy to use

No need to be an expert. Just simply drag and drop the elements and connect them together. It is as easy as that!

LiveBlox Demo

We have a “full version” demo out of LiveBlox with over 500 Blox! The newest LiveBlox 1.4 is out on Windows while Mac OSX and Linux Ubuntu version 1.3 is out.  Check it out, and we would love to hear your feedback.

Use cases

Applications and use cases

LiveBlox is flexible so how you would like to use it is up to you. We believe in the fields of video, computer vision, education, scientific & engineering, live installations and image processing is a few cases where LiveBlox will be a benefit to people.

FantasyGram is one example of applications that is powered by LiveBlox. More use cases. 


Controls, pipelines and blox.
More docs


Free demo

  • Free
  • Over 500 blox (LB 1.4 on Windows)
  • Most of the functionality
  • 12 Months of updates
  • Save
  • Load
  • Output Watermarked
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Can use in a commercial setting
  • Python Scripting
Learn more


  • 12 Months of updates
  • All of the functionality
  • Over 770 blox
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Can use in a commercial setting
  • Python Scripting
Learn more

In the Press


New “full version” demo out!!

We have some exciting news to share with you! We are releasing a full version demo, with most of the features included. We have disabled save and load and the output is also watermarked, but you will be able to test the full capabilities of LiveBlox and its features!...
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Our founders in Khmer Times

We were featured in Khmer Times last week with our founders Rob and Nik. You can read the full article here: We are also currently working on a full version demo, that we will release shortly. Stay tuned for news and...
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LiveBlox at night! Are you looking forward to the new release?

We keep working on LiveBlox, and currently adding OpenGL GLSL in it. We tried it out last weekend in an establishment in town and the response was incredible. Open GLSL will not only give LiveBlox many more features but it will also increase the performance of...
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Shaders coming in next release!!

1.3 is out but that does not mean we are kicking back. We are currently adding the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) support into LiveBlox. This means you can make some really cool visual effects! You can combine the Shaders with audio, video and/or computer vision. We...
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LiveBlox 1.3 is out!!

After considerable effort, we are very proud to be releasing the 1.3 Version of LiveBlox! In this new version, our team have been adding new features and fixing some issues. Here’s what we’ve done: Video and automation timeline! Spout (Windows) so it can connect to...
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High hopes for 2017!!

We hope you have started the year of 2017 well! Here at the Apulus office, we had a great holiday season and we are looking forward to moving ahead into 2017 with you. Last year was an exciting year for us as we took innovative steps in improving our position on all...
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are wishing you all happy holidays with your loved ones! For the festive season, we have put down the price of LiveBlox to $244 USD for the personal version and $582 USD for the commercial one! The offer will last until 4th of...
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Last day of launch deals for LiveBlox!

Today is the last day of launch deals for LiveBlox!  Take advantage of these amazing one-time offers available only today!
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7 days left!!

Only 7 days left (finishes 1st of December) of our launch deals for LiveBlox Personal and LiveBlox Commercial. We had some great feedback this first month and we are excited for the continued collaboration with you. If you are wondering how LiveBlox can benefit you,...
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Press release 1st of November 2016: Apulus takes a new approach to creating software!

  For immediate release  1st of November 2016.   Contact: Niklas Karlsborg Ph: +855 (0) 89 722 804 Email: [email protected] Website: Facebook: Apulus takes a completely new approach to creating software, with...
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